The Last Dance is great but ESPN still sucks

The Last Dance is great but ESPN still sucks

The Last Dance” is a damn good mini-series. With the closing episodes releasing May 18th, people are beginning to feel a sense of nervousness, even though every viewer full well knows exactly how it ends. That says something, right? Everyone knows how the story comes to a close and 10 million people are still forecasted to watch episodes 9 and 10. That’s testimony to incredible production quality, compelling content and historical relevance. It’s incredibly smart timing to launch the series during the current circumstance as well. Covid-19 is keeping viewers indoors. Sneaker collecting is at an all time high, and we are in the thick of 90’s nostalgia. This mini-series was everything that people were looking for, and that is why…”The Last Dance” is great but ESPN still sucks.

Shameless self-promotion

ESPN is so trash that it tries to take irrelevant and stale data and make it interesting by tying it to the mini-series. Try to read this. It’s flat out stupid. It attempts to take last year’s Golden State team with the impending departure of Kevin Durant and create a comparison to MJ leaving after the 1998 Finals. They then try to peg Steve Kerr in the middle of a hypothetical “Who would win between the teams” debate. Who would win if Thomas Jefferson got into a fist fight with Scrooge McDuck? Who cares? It’s never happening. All the while, they plug the documentary 13 times in this article that is comprised entirely of hypothetical situations.

They still pay Chris Berman

Seriously, take a look at this guy He is everything hate-able rolled into one. You can watch him berate a camera crew here, read about his sexual harassment claims here, and watch him make random noise here. His whole career has been based off of making funny noises on the world’s most biased and skewed sports coverage.

Can someone take this guy to a veterinarian?


Their agenda has nothing to do with sports. It hasn’t for years. So much so, that the Wall Street Journal felt compelled to do a story on it in 2018. Bob Iger, CEO of the Walt Disney Company (who own ESPN) was publicly critical of the media outlet for its over-the-top and sensational approach to political coverage in 2018 as well. I love when I’m trying to look up who’s in the lead for the Batting Title and instead I get told how to vote. It’s exhausting.

This would all be fine and well also if they were employing the highest standard of people to match their righteous agenda but their President was ultimately addicted to cocaine through all of this. It’s the hypocrisy network.

There are a dozen other reasons people hate ESPN that you can read about. I’m going to watch episodes 9 and 10 of “The Last Dance” tonight and continue to feed the beast. “The Last Dance” is great but ESPN still sucks. This really is the first good thing they’ve done in recent memory. Overall, it is a thoughtful and compelling series but unless the quality of content starts to overtake all the other shit that you need to sift through to get to it, I’m not coming back, back, back, back, back.

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